'Kid Kapichi are a 4 piece guitar band from Hastings. 'Kapichi's sound has moved with the times. There is a post punk, slaves, indie, garage rock, catchy pop hooks, QOTSA, and new wave all in the mix, don't miss !' - Ade Peachment


Kid Kapichi have been working hard for most of 2017 on the release of their first EP which they expect to be out at the end of the summer along with a brand new music video. Professional with a great stage presence and extol all the reasons why people are talking about the talent coming out of Hastings right now.


Having recently heard them perform live their forthcoming release ‘Waster’ Hastings Pride is destined for a real musical treat and we feel it could well be the song to propel them to all the success they deserve. We’ll be sure to put up a link to it as soon as they’ve released it.


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