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Built on LGBT values

 Fighting prejudice by bringing people together and uniting us all through our humanity

Breaking down the barriers of ignorance and fear

Celebrating Diversity

which makes us all unique and special

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Everyone at Hastings Pride is pleased to announce our official Charity Partner for this year’s Hastings Pride


 Diversity Role Models






Hastings Pride and Diversity Role Models will be working together over the next year to pilot a whole town approach to tackle Homophobic, Biphobic and Transphobic bullying in Hastings, working with local schools, sports club, and a range of partners to improve and save the lives of LGBT+ children and young people. 

We have been working closely with two amazing acts on a collaboration to bring you 3 ‘Songs for Pride’. We will be releasing these songs in the lead up to Hastings Pride.

‘White Rabbit’ originally recorded by Jefferson Airplane in 1967

'The Chain' Originally performed by Fleetwood Mac


Songs for Pride Videos

The songs are free to download although please make a donation if you can. Half of all donations will go to Diversity Role Models and Hastings Pride

Earl Grey Band


Kayleigh Ann & Joe


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2017 Acts

See this years acts at the Oval Hastings

Bank Holiday Sunday

27th August 2017

the DOORS alive



Ritchie Campbell

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2017 Acts

See this years acts at the Oval Hastings

Bank Holiday Sunday

27th August 2017

Kid Kapichi

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Earl Grey - Kayleigh and Joe

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Kayleigh & Joe


Drag With No Name


Cookie Monstar

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Argus Features Interview - Brighton choir leader and well known voice coach MJ Paranzino at her home on Hove seafront - words by Nione Meakin
Photograph taken by Simon Dack 16 June 2011

MJ Paranzino

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Hannah & Guest

2017 Acts

See this years acts at the Oval Hastings

Bank Holiday Sunday

27th August 2017


Charlie House

More coming soon

Someone / Anyone

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Beatles for Sale

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Peace, Love & Hastings Pride

Why we return to 1967 and the ‘Summer of Love

Hastings Pride sees that we all share the commonality of our humanity and where equality begins, and we are striving to see it end as we are all equal as human beings. Sexuality, race and gender is where diversity begins and goes on to incorporate our beliefs and social groups and all the other facets of our lives which make us different. Hastings Pride is built on recognising the humanity we all share and celebrating the differences that make us all unique. It’s our individuality that makes us all special and something that we can all celebrate in our coming together.

Standing together under the Rainbow Umbrella

It seems incredulous that although it was 50 years ago, that being gay was decriminalised, but that it was only in January this year that gay men were posthumously pardoned for something that should never have been law to begin with. It should be noted that inequality persisted, however, until the year 2000 when consent was finally changed to be the same as heterosexual men.

1967 and the Summer of Love

1967 was a year homosexuality was decriminalized. The civil rights movement and second wave feminism were making significant progress. Anti-Vietnam demonstrations saw people around the world protesting the horrors of war.

 - Dr Martin Luther King – A Time to Break Silence -

1967 was also the summer of Love, a social phenomenon that occurred during the summer of 1967, when as many as 100,000 people converged in San Francisco. Hippies, sometimes called flower children, were an eclectic group. Many suspicious of government, rejected consumerist values, and generally opposed the Vietnam War. Some were interested in politics while others looked to the arts (music, painting and poetry in particular) or religions and meditative practices.


Looking back to that time it was a time of hope for positive change and people coming together to fight social injustice and for equality, exploration of self, seeing past visual or perceived differences and looking to the commonality that unites us all through our humanity.

When you contrast that to the world we live in today where economic inequality is so prevalent, the poor, forgotten and marginalised, it’s difficult to not wonder if we are going backwards as a society. Vietnam was the perceived threat of communist invasion whereas today's wars in the middle east are from the perceived threat of religious fundamentalist terrorists. Extremist religions are a threat to all societies irrespective of faith.

Love & Peace

Seeing how far we have come in terms of social equality since 1967 and now to see that threatened with the rise of the alt-Right as we’ve seen it become empowered through the divisiveness of Brexit and Trump is very worrying indeed. The threat is real and is clearly seen through the recent rise in hate crimes.

Where we now live in a hopeless society, it seems right to remember the Summer of Love (1967). Looking back, we see a time where people had hope. Going back, we can find inspiration from a time which shows us all, that when we come together we can make real and positive change for society and have hope for a better future.

For these reasons, Hastings Pride is going back to the summer of love to remind us all where we have come from and to find hope again for a better tomorrow

Join with us on the 27th August for

Peace, Love & Hastings Pride

27th August 2017

27th August 2017

The Oval

Bohemia Road


East Sussex

Parade Starts 11am             Festival Starts 12.30pm

27th August 2017

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